Mercer Island Cabinet Repaint

December 23, 2013


We’re on Mercer Island; this is a typical cabinet repaint. The house is new to the owners, but not a new house, they just recently purchased, and we’re using primer and paint to repaint and give a fresh makeover to this kitchen. We’re also changing the colors of all the walls.

This is after we’ve completed a kitchen cabinet project on an older home on Mercer Island, new home purchase. The homeowners wanted to change the natural wood finish to white enamel. From the time they received the estimate, a week later they decided on us, and we scheduled for about a week and a half after the contract was accepted. We had done other elements in the house, like wall painting, but this was the bulk of the work before the move in. There were some time constraints so we were able to move very quickly and get all the work done. A few of the challenges that we encounter for cabinets is, number one, they get handled a lot more than let’s say trim in a living room on cold molding that never gets touched. One of the concerns we have, is to install a paint job where we know that all the surfaces are going to get touched. So it’s not just coming and spraying on a coat of paint, it’s actually doing pretty intensive surface profiling. Degreasing, sanding the substrate, applying one or two primer coats of oil-based primer, sanding that down because the wood grain is usually raised, and then applying two coats of finish coat in the color that you want. In this case, the owners had found us through our house profile, and had seen other kitchen cabinet packages that we had painted in the color cloud white, which is what we’ve used here. I think the results are pretty good, they’re just in their move in stage, so not everything is put together, but it was my opportunity to come take some pictures and some after-videos, let’s have a closer look at the work.

In many modern kitchens, there’s also a refrigerator that has a face that can be finished. This is the kitchen living room space, like in many homes it’ll be the most used space in the house. Other parts of the space had other elements that we’d finished also, including a built-in and a desk. In this house, there is an adjoining laundry room area with built-ins that we’d completely finished out also. And also a powder room with a pocket door, we painted both sides, it’s all in the cloud white, and everything looks much brighter than it did before.

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