Seattle Madison Park House Painting Review

February 10, 2013


John: Tell us your first name, and where you live.

Terry: Terry Proctor, and I live in Madison Park.

John: And, how old is the house?

Terry: Built in 1949.

John: And how long have you lived here?

Terry: Since 1979.

John: And what did you ask Shearer Painting to do on your exterior house?

Terry: We had re-shingled the house about 15 years ago and had it treated at the time with a stain and a sealer. And it had been overgrown with – not moss, what’s that black stuff that grows on shingles? What is it?

John: Mildew.

Terry: Mildew, yeah. And then, anyway, so they blasted all that off, gently, but took it all off the shingles, your crew did, and restained it, and it looks just like it did when we lived in it originally.

John: What is your main consideration? You want the wood to show through?

Terry: We want the wood to show through. We wanted it to be as unstained as possible. We used a little bit of white or gray in with the clear stain just to give it a little bit of a weathered look, but you got it exactly right as far as the color we were trying to get.

John: Let’s take a look at the rest of the house. You like the white trim and natural wood combination?

Terry: Yep. We sure do. And there’s some dry rot in the eaves, and places around the house that your crew did a good job of finding and fixing.

John: Who discovered that stuff?

Terry: I think Kelly did. Maybe Scott. Or not Scott, Alex. I’m not sure who discovered it, because they just showed it to me when they found it.

John: And you thought that we handled it the right way?

Terry: You did a great job. I asked you to look for it, because I figured, having nothing painted in over 10 years and weathered on the outside…I could see some places where it was obvious that it was, but I didn’t know what it would be like up at the top of the house and stuff.

John: Well, thank you, Terry. As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Terry: Ok.

John: And a video is worth, like million words. Because people really wanna hear other people talk about a local painting contractor.

Terry: Sure.

John: Thank you very much!

Terry: My pleasure.

He’s gonna interview me.

John: Ok, so, tell us what we did inside your house. You met us last fall, and you hired us to do some work inside. What did that work involve?

Terry: It involved painting the entire interior of the house – woodwork, walls, and doing some repairs and replacing some quarter round that was missing, had been painted and damaged and had to be replaced.
John: Not everyone wants high gloss on their cabinets, like you have back here.

Terry: No, we wanted it just in the kitchen and the bathrooms; the rest of the house has a semi-gloss.

John: It turned out pretty nice, though.

Terry: It sure did – it turned out better than pretty nice. It’s great.

John: And what did you think of the workmen who worked here at the house?

Terry: Fantastic. What a great crew you have.

John: Did you think that they were polite? Did you feel that they were concerned about your furniture and all that other stuff?

Terry: Yeah, that’s another big plus. We were afraid that we were gonna have to move everything around and pack up a lot of stuff, getting ready for you, and they did all that work for us.

John: Great. So, overall, you like the new look of the kitchen? The house?

Terry: We love it. We love it.

John: Ok.

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