Robin Daly House Painting Review

January 27, 2013

Shearer Painting is unique among painting contractors – in my professional life as owner of Daly’s Paint stores, I meet and work with A LOT of painting contractors – so I come at this review from a different perspective than simply as someone who’s been a client.
John Shearer, owner of Shearer Painting, is invested. He invests in his people, he invests in his company and he continually maintains a curiosity and energy about learning new things that will help his company treat clients to the best possible service/products.
His enthusiasm is contaigous, and you know that he personally cares about each and every project.
Therefore, when I needed to repaint the exterior of my contemporary 4-story home last spring, I chose Shearer Painting. I knew this was not an easy knock-it-out repaint, it involved a LOT of prep and repair, so I wanted a company that could handle the scope of work. It also involved the Shearer Painting staff to learn a whole new Eco paint system from Fine Paints of Europe- which they eagerly agreed to learn.
The staff was respectful. The jobsite was always clean at the end of the day and the quality of the work was superior. And I felt my house was very well cared for. Very pleased.

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