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January 13, 2011

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“Recently, comScore, a leader in internet data tracking, published their January 2011 report for the top 50 most visited websites in the US, listing Yelp at #45, sandwiched between two companies you might be familiar with, Netflix (#44) and Target (#46.) comScore’s data puts Yelp as the most trafficked website solely dedicated to local businesses. “

In the last 2 weeks we have had 8 calls we can directly attribute to our Yelp profile. We submitted 5 bids, and were awarded 2.

YELP in the news Yelp and bubbles. Yelp vs Google battle

Yelp Jan 2011 traffic numbers

Yelp Jan 2011 traffic numbers

Jan 13th By John Shearer

I have decided to throw our lot in with YELP. Upgrading from a free listing to a featured listing is $300 per month plus $50 for a video from Turn Here video. The idea of a featured listing is to improve exposure; by making sure your business visible for a category painters. IMHO Yelp’s success with local search has compelled the mighty G (google) to tweek their SERP in early October adding weight to Google PLACES in their algorithm. The strength of Yelp for local search when compared to Angie’s list or city search for service companies is undeniable. Our service began Jan 1st; so by the end of the year we can measure leads, and leads that turn into business.

Yelp contracts TurnHere video to film and produce a web video. TurnHere hopes to convert you into a customer to make more videos on a subscription basis; good business model. TurnHere contracts local video talent to do the onsite. Jeffery Morehouse from Tamago Films came to our office for the filming. Jeffery was the consummate film pro; our shoot was less than an hour and he helped us with our script. We had alot of fun with Jeffery and he filmed four Shearer employees; and our friend Debbie Steiner publisher of LUXE magazine and LUXE source play the part of  a Shearer customer. If you want to contact Jeffery his email is

Anna Giles at Yelp Filming

Anna Giles at Yelp Filming

When the video is finished you will be able to see it at  our Yelp Business Page

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