Interview FAQs

Interview FAQs

Shearer Painting is a premium painting contractor focusing on commercial and high-end residential work in the Seattle area. We are considered one of the finest paint shops in the area, and aim to be one of Seattle’s top small businesses to work for. When interviewing candidates, we believe fit matters more than skill. A bad apple will ruin the bunch, even if it’s an expert sprayer. Below you’ll find answers to questions frequently asked during our interview.

What is the pay scale?

The answer is: it depends. Our scale is based on the responsibility you take on, not how many years you have with us or in the field; and our salaries are negotiable.

What benefits do we offer?

Health Insurance: we offer a great health insurance plan with additional life insurance and optional dental/vision.

401(k): we’re working to implement a 401(k) program by 2015 to help plan for your future.

How do you clock in?

We use a smartphone app called TSheets. It tracks your time so you get paid for every second worked.

How do we get to the job site?

All employees will need reliable transportation directly to the job site each day. If you don’t have a personal vehicle, some employees have used public transit or carpooling. Company vans are used to transport supplies.

What is a typical schedule?

Our schedule depends on the client. We meet our clients’ needs and work around their schedule. Most projects start at 7:00-9:00am. Work days are typically 8 hours, with a half hour for lunch. We also have evening and weekend shifts, primarily for commercial projects that must be done outside of normal work hours.

Are overtime hours available?

Yes. We try to provide overtime on request with evening and weekend work. All overtime hours (over 40/week) are paid at time-and-a-half.

What happens after the interview?

Everyone will hear back from us within 5-7 days, whether we’re able to hire you or not. You can direct all questions to our Business Manager, whom you’ve been in touch with for this interview.