Wall Tattoos Bring Edginess into your Home

May 31, 2011


A stairwell with a cool design.

SAS Interiors show us the simple elegance of stenciling.

When you want a unique design for your walls, Benjamin Moore has got it covered. The paint manufacturer had introduced a line of “wall tattoos” or wall stenciling, a new and popular alternative to wallpaper. According to the SAS Interiors blog, run by Jenna Burger, interior designer and owner, stenciling is “an inexpensive yet stylish way to add interest and intrigue to a wall.”

The designs are easy to apply and can be put anywhere – even on ceilings (a damask stencil will give you something pretty to gaze at as you fall asleep). Benjamin Moore gives step-by-step instructions on their website on how to apply wall stencils. SAS Interiors passes along a valuable tip from the “Isabella and Max Rooms” blog: dab paint on the stencil openings to avoid paint seepage. Another fantastic tip is to use a high-gloss paint on a flat paint background – it will really make the stencil pop. Want to do-it-yourself? Try using a pizza box. The cardboard used is durable and strong and makes for the perfect template for this kind of project.

The Benjamin Moore website has many stencils to choose from in contemporary, trendy designs; among them is the portico design. This “attractive filigree” boasts a brightly colored homage to the mosaic designs of Tuscany. The hibiscus wall tattoo features a beautiful hibiscus vine climbing up a wall in a modern, yet classic stencil design. The vineyard wall tattoo features charcoal leaves with a cream background, and it enhances strong design elements in a room. The papillon tattoo has a combination of flowers and butterflies for an organic, bold design in black, white, and cherry colors. Lastly, the lyric stencil features black and white musical notes in a flowery design.

Wall stenciling is a fun, easy, and low-priced way to update your walls or ceiling. Experts at your local paint store and Shearer Painting will be happy to help you find a tattoo that fits you.


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The Benjamin Moore "Hibiscus" stencil.

The Benjamin Moore "Vineyard" stencil.

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