Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Seattle Highrise project

October 27, 2012


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Andy Sewrey: We’re here in Seattle, on the 22nd floor of a high-rise condo that we’ve been working in. This is a pretty unique space. It’s quite elevated, and for Seattle we get an immense amount of light here. Mostly it’s because of the water.  You obviously are going to get light from the sky, but it’s also going to reflect and bounce up off the water into this space. And we’ve got that water on one side and then a bunch of light as well on the eastern exposure (correction actually south elevation). This is again really unique here.

The customer wanted go with a yellow, they wanted to get something that would be happy in the wintertime where we have a lot of gray. And we went through a really long process, C2’s Moxie. We did it in varying strengths from 75 to 150 percent of the formula, to get to where we actually are here. And it’s the C2 finishes on all of the walls. The upper ceiling is actually about a – roughly 25% strength of the wall color. It reads white, but it’s actually just a very weakened out yellow.  All the enamel you see here is Fine Paints of Europe. Everything you see here is Fine Paints of Europe Satin, oil. Again, the 25% of the Moxie, matched into a nice dark gray and then this is matched to the wall color in the kitchen. Double priming underbody, just to make sure everything’s super burl y in the wet spaces. And then in the back of the unit we have the brilliant Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac. This stuff’s pretty cool. (Aside: Hey there!)

So, with this, this cabinet is kind of one of the feature pieces in the space. And this is three coats of the Hollandlac full gloss – right, so this is the 3 coats of the Hollandlac, sprayed – and especially in this color it just looks like a swimming pool. It’s pretty amazing. So between there you can actually look and see, this is the Fine Paints of Europe Satin. (Aside: I’ll give you your light back, thank you). So this is a much higher level, much harder resin satin enamel than what we would usually use in a space like this. I wish you were standing here, to be able to really look at it and understand what’s going on, the feel of this stuff almost approaches the hardness of a lacquer. It’s just a fantastic finish, it applies really nice. It does take some – not trickery, but some work to figure out how to use it.

You come in here and you see these are the doors, all finished out. They’ll get rehung tomorrow. This is a Murphy bed that we painted inside and out. And again, more light from outside, although the doors are covering a lot of it now. This room will be wallpapered. But it’s just a really kind of unique space for Seattle. We don’t run into that many – especially condos – that have this level of natural light in town. Can really do a different thing with the colors in a space like this.

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