Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo Shutters

September 13, 2012

John Shearer: Jonathan, can you explain to me what you’re working on here?

Jonathan Larson: We’re looking at 6 shutters – 6 sets of shutters. This is a special project that we’re going to be tackling.

JS: And tell me – they look like they’ve been painted already. What have we been charged to do?

JL: We are charged with improving the quality of the paint.

JS: Show me an example.

JL: Well, let’s see…the easiest example – no paint was applied to the bottom of the shutters, so we’re going to need to address that. There are small nicks that need to be filled, sanded. There are examples of spray not quite covering…this is kind of indicative of each shutter. You’ll see almost a shadow all the way down the line here. It wasn’t fully covered.

JS: You mean the customers are being picky?

JL: No.

JS: Ok. And what are the blue marks – the tape?

JL: The blue tape typically indicates areas of damage that have been noticed that we need to specifically address, but not limiting our repairs to those areas. Those are the most obviously damaged [areas].

JS: You think your team can take care of this?

JL: Definitely.

JS: Ok. What kind of paint are you using?

JL: Satin Impervo.

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