Painted Porch best practice

July 27, 2012

Painted Porch

Our suggested best practice for selecting porch paint colors is to wait until after the body/trim colors have been installed and then evaluate. We can skip this step if we are using a classic color combination or a design professional such as Faith Sheridan, Robin Daly, or Lee Eiseman

Here are John Shearer‘s Tips for porch paint colors
1. Better to not use body or trim color; this creates a “boxing” effect and draws attention away from the architectural elements on a home. The porch is functional and should not compete but compliment house colors.
2. Darker colors do not get as dirty.
3. If in doubt use the color 33-21 Diplomat Gray from Pratt and Lambert. This color is a sophisticated brown-gray and compliments most color schemes. Over 50 homes in Seattle have porches painted by Shearer with this color..We have formulas matched to this color in almost all manufacturer porch coatings including Ameritone (put your hand over your heart) us for more information.

For color ideas for painted floors see our image board.



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