Tsheets Training


Hi, my name is Anna Giles; I’m with Shearer Painting. I’m going to talk briefly about how to use TSheets to clock in.

So, TSheets has an Android app and an iPhone app, and the coolest part about these apps is that they come with GPS. So, they will keep track of time stamps with the GPS integration.

You can also do something as simple as dialing in. You can call in your time, which is good for people who may not have smart phones.

There is a cell phone web application, which is made for little screens. The mobile web page will give any mobile device with internet access a simplified and easy-to-navigate version of the TSheets site.

You can even text your time in and add notes or switch job codes with no problem.

And I think one of the neatest parts about this is the Twitter integration. You can track your time…of course, you have to use 120 characters or less. And they say: “Already using Twitter to keep everyone up-to-date? Use it to keep your TSheets Time Card updated as well. I’ve never heard of a time card company using Twitter or any other form of social media to keep track of the time that employees spend on jobs, so that’s pretty cool.

And that’s how you use TSheets.