TSheets: Put Your Heart In It



Omar Rodriguez – Operations Manager:

We love to paint Seattle everyday. Working for Shearer Painting allows me to focus on the things that I do best. We love taking care of our customers, providing a great product, and creating a great environment for our employees everyday.

Andy Sewrey – Sales:

My favorite things about the work I do here at Shearer are helping our customers, basically solving their problems or their challenges, and just getting more work for the guys and putting them to work.

Kelsey Kahla – Operations Assistant:

The reason I love my job is that I get to work with amazing people who really understand their craft. It’s also really nice to work in an industry and learn things that I would have never learned outside of school.

Justin Day – Sales:

What I love most about my job at Shearer Painting is connecting with our customers. My job is to go out and determine what it is that people are looking to do for their painting project, and when I am able to discuss what it is that they’re doing, I get to know them personally and what really makes them who they are as people. Part of that is also getting to know our employees and how they can mesh well with our potential customers.

Holly Koch – Business Manager

The great thing about working at Shearer Painting is that we create beautiful spaces people can be proud of. I love knowing we create the backdrop in people’s homes when they make memories with their family and friends. I like to think the work we do in commercial spaces create an environment that inspires the work that they do. It seems wherever I turn I notice the jobs that we’ve done, from homes on Queen Anne to the EMP. So, by putting my heart into Shearer Painting, I’m putting my heart into Seattle.