Concrete and Stone Sealers

July 23, 2010

Concrete and Stone Sealer

Concrete and Stone Sealer

Shearer Painting began applying concrete sealers in the late 90′s on our smaller commercial and industrial projects. Increasingly designers and architects have begun specificity, and homeowners have requested clear coatings to enhance and protect aggregate, concrete, and stone.

Concrete sealers provides beautiful high gloss, med gloss, or low gloss protection to decorative concrete, masonry, and natural stone. For use on porous materials. A clear, non- yellowing sealer to combat tough oils, water, acid, and other environmental contaminants in all environments indoor and outdoor. Protects substartes against peeling, cracking, sun damage (UV radiation) and efflorescence. Designed specifically for driveways, patios, fountains, and ponds.

Sealers can be water based, solvent based, or xylene based. Each formulation has its advantages and disadvantages. We have experience with every system.

About Concrete

Concrete is one of the most useful materials used today in buildings and their surrounds; however concrete  is vulnerable and needs be protected. Concrete sealants can increase the strength,  usefulness, and the longevity of  concrete on walkways, patios, and decorative structures  for many years.

The main weakness in concrete lies in the fact that it is so porous. It may not be a sponge, but it does absorb liquids in small amounts on the surface. This liquid can damage in a number of ways. If it is a solvent (like maybe acid or turpentine) it will slowly ware away the concrete. You’ll see pits spring up on the surface, sure, but those can be patched. Underneath, though, the concrete is permanently weakened.

Water also causes an issue. If the water is allowed to freeze, the molecules will expand and begin to push against the walls of these tiny holes. The result of this is that the holes become micro cracks and begin to expand and spread across the surface of the concrete. These micro cracks can continue to expand and become visible cracks that will be unsightly and overall weaken your concrete.

A sealant will cover the surface and seal it against water or other liquids. Many sealants will also help protect your concrete from damage that can be caused by dropping heavy objects, or even just the ware that comes from thousands of feet walking over it over the course of years. A sealant very well may double the effective lifespan of your concrete surface, and one should always be thought of and kept in mind.

Where can you purchase Concrete and Stone Sealants in locally in Seattle, Washington for your painting project:


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