Rebuilding Together for Homeowner’s Peace of Mind

October 13, 2011

Rebuilding Together Seattle is a charity organization and is part of the national Rebuilding Together group (formerly known as Christmas in April; the Seattle chapter was founded in 1989). Christmas in April began in Midland, TX in 1973, when a group of people decided to have one day per year devoted to repairing dilapidated homes in the community. The group then became the nation’s leading volunteer home repair organization.

RTS's thank-you note to Shearer Painting

Rebuilding Together Seattle provides repair services (and thus, peace of mind) for homeowners in need; i.e., those who own a home but may not be able to afford the upkeep or are low-income owners. RTS especially helps those who are  disabled, elderly, or have children. Rebuilding Together makes sure to get the job done so that these homeowners can continue to live freely and safely in their homes. All work is done by volunteers with no cost to the homeowners. Individuals, corporations, and other groups may sponsor or donate funds or materials to cover the cost of the project.

A volunteer board of directors governs Rebuilding Together with an Executive Director and Program Administrator. Rebuilding Together Seattle’s Program Manager is Sarah Ilhrie, who wrote Shearer Painting a lovely thank-you note for donating painting services along with Benjamin Moore paint for their upcoming Beer & Wine Tasting auction on Sept. 30. In 2010, this event raised $40,000 for homeowners in need. Shearer Painting is proud to be working with a company that has a long history in providing warmth, security, and a helping hand to those in need.

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