Scott McMurray

Scott McMurray was born and raised just outside of Seattle WA and currently resides in Maple Valley WA. He has dedicated his time to his family, volunteering as a firefighter EMT, Martial arts, and gaining knowledge and experience in the Painting and building trades.

Scott met his wife Aleana in 1998. They have shared a fulfilling and exciting life as well as the birth of their two amazing children in 2003 and 2006.

Scott has served for over four years as a firefighter and emergency medical technician on the Kangley/Palmer fire department and one term as the association vice president. The Kangley/Palmer area is just outside of Maple Valley WA. Scott received his EMT license from the state of Washington after completing his training at the Seattle joint training facility located in south Seattle.

Scott worked for Puget Sound residence services as a register nurses assistant and community support specialist for two years. Puget Sound residence services offers Community and residential support for developmentally disabled adults. He currently resides on the Puget Sound residence service board of directors.

Scott started his martial arts training at nine years old and still continues today 23 years later. Scott has studied in karate, tae kwon do, jeet kune do and Kung fu. Scott is one the highest ranking members of Chuan Tao Kung Fu and currently serves as the Chief instructor.

Scott started his career in the building trades in 1994 hanging gypsum board sheets full time. From 1996 to 1999 he work for two construction company’s both owned by family members were he learn a wealth of knowledge in the remodeling industry.  Scott was recruited on at shearer painting by john Shearer in 2000. He started as laborer with no painting experience and has been promoted several times. He was promoted to the general manager in 2008. Scott continues to serve proudly as a leader at shearer painting a company which is an industry leader and innovator in the Seattle area.

Construction manager

Scott McMurray Shearer Painting