Exterior Painting Review Golden Gardens Robert Tarleton

June 14, 2010

This is Robert Tarelton.

I’m calling to recommend Shearer Painting. Shearer painted our house in the Golden Gardens area in Ballard in 2000. And I was very happy at that time with the job that they had done. The paint has held up exceptionally well with the exception of one relatively small area that gets exposure to the weather.

So, I called John Shearer back this summer and asked him to come by and look at the house, and he gave me a good estimate for repainting this one relatively small area and doing some minor touch-up and cleaning elsewhere on the house.

Once again, I’ve been very satisfied with the work that John’s company did.

The foreman on the job was very communicative, responsible, as was the individual who actually did the painting. Very polite, professional – did not play music, was careful about the landscaping and so forth.

So, I would have no reservation at all about using Shearer again or recommending them to anybody that has a nice, old home that they wanna keep in top condition. In fact, I plan on using Shearer Painting again when the time comes to have my home repainted, which probably won’t be for about another decade given the way things have held up.

Anyway, I’m very glad to give a sincere and whole-hearted recommendation to John Shearer and his employees.

Thank you.

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