Magnolia House Painting Review

March 30, 2013

Magnolia House Painting Review

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Owner Steve Johannesen

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Prepared and painted the entire interior of our 2-bedroom condo. This included ceilings, walls, doors and all trim. We used multiple colors in all rooms, plus a different ceiling and trim color. Some interior doors were removed offsite and sprayed to create a smooth finish, but the front door had to remain in place so they created a temporary ‘spray booth’ to be able to finish that one. One of the challenges in every room was the texture on our walls and ceilings (built in 1969) that made it very challenging to paint straight lines where colors met the white ceiling or one wall color met another in a corner: they did precision work all around.
Member Comments:
We asked Shearer to do this interior work becuase our Condo Association had hired them in 2009 to restore and seal the cedar shingles on the exterior of our 2-unit building, and they were amazing in doing that work as well as extremely knowledgeable about materials and methods.
We arranged this interior work to start on the morning that we flew to Europe for a 2 week vacation. John and his team were honest up front in saying they might not be able to finish all the work before we returned, but they worked with us to plan the sequence of rooms so the condo would be livable when we returned, if not entirely finished. While we were gone, they made the extra effort to finish before we returned, which we appreciated a great deal. My wife and I are both ‘picky’ people, especially about our home, and Shearer did fantastic work through. The very few ‘glitches’ that occurred were small and John’s team was very quick to touch up every one of them. John and his team leads are expert in their field and stay informed about the newest & best paint materials and methods. They are all passionate about the quality of their work, and friendly. It makes for a great experience using their services.
We trust John Shearer and the people he has working with him.

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