Exterior House Painting Review Diamond Queen Anne

June 14, 2010

Hi John, this is Deborah Diamond. Shearer Painting painted our home on Queen Anne this summer, and we were very pleased with the outcome; in fact, we were very pleased with the process all along. We had been observing Shearer painting another Queen Anne home last summer, and we approached Shearer in the fall and asked for a bid. And the bid was very prompt, it contained a lot of detail, answered all of my questions about what the preparation treatment would be and how each surface would be treated and the payment details and laying out all matters of the financial stuff, but also what kind of workmanship would be done.

And I was satisfied with the price for the level of what painting and prep was offered. I was satisfied.

And throughout the winter, I was working with your people to look through color samples; they were very helpful. Everyone on your staff seems to be just really nice and professional and friendly, and I have appreciated that throughout the project.

When the project started, it started the very date it was supposed to. And everything proceeded apace.

The crews were very nice, very professional. They were very respectful of our privacy. We asked that they not play a radio, and they did not play a radio. They didn’t add to the noise.

Every evening, they cleaned up, and I felt like we could actually walk in our door without being in the middle of a job site.

So, it was very satisfactory. I want to thank you so much for the job that you guys did, and it looks very fresh, and we’re really happy with it.

Thanks again. Bye.

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