Interior painting review Carol Beck

June 29, 2010

Dear John,

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I am happy to provide your painting company with a letter of recommendation. This letter can be used for that purpose.

Working out of our home with has large open spaces, all painted woodwork, cabinets and baseboards provided us with a challenge when we decided that it was necessary to have our 2,800 square foot townhouse painted. Under these circumstances we have determined it would be best to move out of the space and have all the painting completed at once. This meant we needed a painting company with a reliable crew and a dependable time schedule.

After obtaining bids from several painters and checking their professional references we decided to use Shearer Painting Company.It was a wise choice. The house looks beautiful. Our home was built in 1986 and still had the original paint job. The paint was thin and many of our window sills were peeling. Preparation was extensive and some areas required more work than initially anticipated. John sincerely wanted us to be happy with the completed job and worked hard to make certain that our expectation were met.

The job started right on schedule. Unfortunately, one of Seattle’s rare snowstorms delayed its completion. Although there was more work involved in the job than originally anticipated, we were only a few days off estimated completion date after adjusting for “snow time.” Additionally, John came back promptly to finish a few items we had to “cure” before being worked on.

Both my husband and I are very pleased with the job and are happy to recommend Shearer Painting. I will be glad to speak to any prospective user of your services.

Yours very truly,

Carol Beck

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