Osmo Wax Finish on wood how to remove

September 25, 2012

Osmo Wax Finish on wood how to remove

John Shearer: Removing Osmo…little bit thicker build-up on the edges, as we expected. We’ll have to go two passes, but I think that should git ‘er done.
Here we are, Osmo be-gone. Recycled soft conifer. Osmo’s not what we want, so we’re removing the finish. We first tried denatured alcohol, because, as we know, denatured alcohol is what we use to cut wax, but it wasn’t getting’ ‘er done. So, we stepped up to Jasco Premium Paint and Epoxy Remover. It’s for professional home or marine use – strongest formula. Strongest formula means methylene chloride. Notice Tate’s using solvent-resistant chemical gloves, eye protection.
We just went straight to using this stuff because it’s first, it’s not water-based. Water-based strippers raise the wood grain, and we don’t wanna do that on a soft wood. We just wanna remove the wax, ‘cause we wanna put on a superior finish. That will be some sort of poly system. We haven’t figured out if we’re gonna use two gloss, one matte…one matte – oh, I’m sorry. One gloss, two mattes…we’ll do some experimenting.
Painter: Will we have to put only one coat on?
JS: I think there will be some trouble areas. From looking at the sample that you stripped, I think most of it will come off.
Let’s have a little closer look here at the subject. I think that’s what we’re looking for!
Actually, what we’re more concerned about is neutralizing the stripper.
Painter: Ok, how do we do that? With water?
JS: We don’t wanna add any water to this tabletop. Solvent wipe. Denatured alcohols. Put a little bit of paint thinner…


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