Robert Tarleton Referral

July 7, 2010

Shearer painting is a superb contractor, and I highly recommend the company. John Shearer, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable, honest, detail oriented, and customer-focused. John explained the entire painting process to me, and was glad to cover technical points in depth. In addition, he made himself available quickly on three different occasions to discuss the color scheme for my house. His advice proved invaluable.

I was especially impressed with the meticulous manner with which my house was prepared for the actual painting. In fact, the preparation took nearly a week. Working at home, I had the opportunity to observe and talk to the small crew that performed all of the work. The painters were punctual, courteous, quiet, and responsive – qualities which are hard to find at any price. In addition, none of my new landscaping suffered any damage because the painters walked and placed their equipment with great care. After receiving bids from several other painters and talking to other homeowners, I know that my house received the highest-quality paint job available in Seattle.

Robert E. Tarleton

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