Donald Spickard Referral

July 7, 2010

Dear John,

Enclosed is my check in payment of the final amount due on the contract to paint our residence in Madison Park.

We appreciated many things about the way you and your crew handled the contract for painting the exterior of the house this summer and will be happy to recommend you to anyone who inquires, or to friends who are looking for a painter. Among the plus factors which made the job so satisfactory are the following:

  1. You came promptly to inspect the premises, and you gave us your bid promptly. You explained what you would do in preparing the exterior of the house for painting and what we would have to do to protect our plantings. You priced the house painting fairly, and gave us separate prices for painting the front of the Garage, and the waterproofing of the concrete steps.
  2. Your price was the lowest bid, and the most understandable. We agreed upon a “time and material” price for doing carpentry to repair defective wood which and to be replaced, of which there was quite a bit that was found after pressure washing and as the job progressed, you were prompt in discussing with me what had to be done to take care of each defect before undertaking the repair. Your carpenters were skilled in doing repairs.
  3. Despite unstable weather during July and August, both in extreme heat at times and rain at others, your crews worked diligently to do their work whenever the elements would permit. The workmen did a very thorough job of scraping, sanding, caulking, priming and painting each surface. They worked quietly, without the blaring of radios others in similar work in the neighborhood have done. They were polite, asked questions where necessary, cleaned up each day and left their equipment in the designated place, protected from the weather.
  4. At the end, due to rainy weather, it was not possibly to complete a small number of pick-up work, but you sent one of your best painters to complete it on the first good day. I particularly want to compliment “J.D” on the revision to the gutter and the downspout which was nnecessitated by the removal of the “Eyebrow” on the West and North sides of the house. It was a pleasure to help work out a method to accomplish this and his workmanship was excellent.

Thank you for your August 27 summary of cost of the extras, which you had discussed with me in person earlier. While any painting job and particularly an exterior painting of a four story house such as ours can be disrupting, this one created a minimum of problems, largely due to your considerate attention and supervision of the job, and also the diligence and skill of your crew.

I look forward to the painting of the kitchen this fall with a sense that it will go as smoothly as this summer’s job.

Thank you for your consideration,

Donald E Spickard

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