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March 15, 2011

It’s not easy to become an ASID member. Since 1975, ASID (or the American Society of Interior Designers), members are qualified by experience and examination, education, and adherence to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct. With 36,00 members practicing residential and commercial design, the organization keeps its interior designers up-to-date on the newest advances in design with conferences and educational programs, at which they also learn about technology, building codes, “appropriate” materials, flammability standards, government regulations, green/sustainable design, products, occupant populations, and even design psychology.

ASID has six membership categories:

  1. Professional Membership: The highest level of ASID membership, these designers have completed an accredited educational program as well as equivalent work experience in interior design. They’ve also passed the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) examination.
  2. Allied Membership: Allied members are practicing designers that have completed a course of accredited education and equivalent work experience in interior design and passed the NCIDQ exam.
  3. Educator Membership: These are educators, who are either department chairs or full-time instructors in a post-secondary interior design program at an accredited school of interior design or university that requires 40 hours in interior design- relevant classes. Educators receive a discounted dues rate as professional or allied members, depending on qualifications.
  4. Student Members: Students are the junior members of ASID. This membership is available to current students enrolled in an interior design program of at least 40 credit hours or 60 quarter hours.
  5. Student Advancement Membership: When you have this membership, it’s time to take the next step to become an Allied Member.
  6. Industry Partner Membership: These members join ASID so that they may work with the interior design community. Members include industry manufacturers and sales representatives, market centers and trade associations.

Shearer Painting has been an ASID Industry Partner since 2009.

Shearer Painting has been an Industry Partner of ASID since 2009 and is proud to continue their relationship with this prestigious interior design community.

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