Sherwin Williams Paint new zero voc colorants 2012

May 8, 2012


Sherwin Williams has a new, 100% zero-VOC colorant system. Sherwin Williams is very proud of the new system and is calling it a “class of its own.” This revolutionary change hit the Sherwin Williams stores in April 2012.


You can apply a zero-VOC colorant to any Sherwin Williams color. The great thing about this is that before, when you were painting with a dark color (for example, “Pepper”), the colorants would thin it out, and you’d end up having a more watery-looking paint than what you originally started with. Now, with the new colorants, they have a lot more “body” to them; so when you tint something dark, you don’t jeopardize the actual viscosity of the paint – it stays true to a dark color.


This new colorant system improves on dry time as well. There’s a new stopper for where the colorants are dispensed in the paint mixing machine to keep it moist.


Using a base like “Ultra Deep” is good to start out with when applying the colorants. The wonderful part about these colorants is that the viscosity will not drop nearly as much as it used to with the old ones, so your darker colors aren’t going to be nearly as runny. The colorants hold the paint’s full body after tinting, supplying rich, thick coats for high-quality performance which again, does not affect the paint’s consistency. The colorants will also be added to all of Sherwin Williams’s latex and water-based coating products.


It’s taken a while for Sherwin Williams to debut their new zero-VOC colorants, but that’s because they want to make sure there were no room for error as they switched their system over – and it seems that it has been well worth the wait.

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