Luxe Battle of the Chefs

March 1, 2012

Battle of the Chefs raised $18,500 for O Wines Scholarships! Thank you LUXE Magazine, sponsors, and participants:
Pictures from the event

Brian Brand
Baylis Architects

Jim Dearth
Ripple Design Studio

Stuart Silk
Stuart Silk Architects

Kyle Gaffney & Shannon Murphy Gaffney
SkB Architects

Tyler Engle
Tyler Engle Architects

Steve Bender
Bender Chaffey

John Shearer
Shearer Painting

Scott White
Krekow Jennings

Thom Schultz
Mercer Builders

Jim Dow

Klaus Toth
Toth Construction

Garret Cord Werner
Garret Cord Werner

Steven Hensel
Hensel Design

Holly McKinley
Holly McKinley Interior Design

Barbara Hyde Evans
Hyde Evans Design

Susan Marinello
Susan Marinello Interiors

battle of the chefs


Chef Bobby Moore: So, the Battle of the Chefs Event that will take place at LUWA was also to raise money for a charity that O Wines, O Wines here, that’s run by Stacy Lill and some partners. It was actually a night to be able to celebrate being able – O Wines being able to give a portion to the proceeds back to a scholarship fund that they have set aside for young, at-risk women and… so it was a lot of fun to be able to give back to the community.

[1 min]

[Applause at event]

Scott White: Scott White. My company is Krekow Jennings. I’m just expecting to have fun in here. It’s great having the opportunity to get together with some friends in the industry and meet new friends in the industry.

[Kitchen sounds at event]

Scott White: It was more than I expected. I’ve never been in a room with so many people having so much fun. I did not expect, though, to be running down the aisles of Safeway in a Battle of the Chefs apron buying heavy cream and having all of those people in the store stare at me. [laughter]

Chef Peter Levine: I had to send Scott White out to the closest grocery story to get some heavy cream because we were looking in the drawers. In the beginning, I was looking around and I saw the heavy cream, um, and then when it was Showtime, there was no heavy cream. So, somebody took the cream. We’re not really sure what happened there…

[2 mins]

Klaus Toth: Hi, I’m Klaus. I’m from Toth Construction and we build wonderful home for great architects and interior designers.

[Cheering at event]

Klaus Toth: Yeah, it was a lot of fun. We had a great time – especially Chef Johnathan Sundstrom. What a total pleasure to be working alongside him.

Jim Dearth: Jim Dearth. Ripple Design Studio.  I’m fortunate. I have a lot of cooking experience. I grew up in a cooking household; my mother actually runs a cooking school, so I’ve been well-educated from the get-go.

[Kitchen sounds at event]

Steven Hensel: Hi, I’m Steven Hensel. I’m with Hensel Design Studios. My cooking experience…hmm…well, I’m not sure I could really call it cooking, per se. It’s a… It’s an assembly of food – just enough to keep my partner and I alive.

Steven Hensel at the event: We’re cooking! It’s going to get vicious. Vicious.

[3 mins]

[Sounds of eating and conversation overlap at event]

Jim Dow: Jim Dow. Schuchart/Dow.

[Kitchen sounds at event]

Barbara Hyde Evans: Barbara Hyde Evans. Hyde Evans Design and we’re an interior design firm.

[Kitchen sounds at event]

Stuart Silk: My name is Stuart Silk. I’m the head of Stewart Silk Architects.

[Cheering at event]

Stuart Silk: I’m a closet chef. I’m not an active, practicing chef.

Tyler Engle: My name is Tyler Engle. My firm is Tyler Engle Architects. [laughter] It’s going to be a free-for-all. Yes, I suppose. It’s a bit daunting – competition, but it’ll be fun. I’m going just as a good time.

[4 mins]

Brian Brand: My name is Brian Brand. I own Baylis Architects. We’re an architectural firm in Bellevue.

[Kitchen sounds at event]

Brian Brand: I’m actually open for anything. It’s going to be – I think it’s going to be a fun experience. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope I learn something.

[Kitchen sounds and conversation overlap at event]

Chef Jacky Lo: It’s a lot more – It’s a lot more fun. You know, we’ve got people all over. They’re so close to you while you’re cooking. You can have them taste it. You know, it’s so much fun, and there’s just so many people. I think there’s, what, 3-400 people in the showroom, and it’s in a beautiful showroom. So, it’s like, wow.

[Cheering at event]

Holly McKinley: Holly McKinley. Holly McKinley Interior Design. While I love to cook, I’m not a – I’m not a great chef by any means.

[Kitchen sounds at event]

[5 mins]

Steve Bender: My name is Steve Bender. My company is Bender Chaffey Corporation. I have no cooking experience. I did not graduate from a culinary academy. I do not know the first thing about cooking. I can’t fillet a fish. I’m hoping the mystery ingredient is something like ground beef or else I’m in a lot of trouble.

Steve Bender at event: I’m totally on top of it right now. Under control.

Friend of Greg Lill: I’m helping out Greg Lill and Greg’s amazing partner out in the valley. The farm is not far from the winery, and it’s – we’re sort of out in the middle of wine country, and it’s what you do. You support each other. When someone asks if the schedule’s available, then you do what you can to participate.

Dave Mason: My name is Dave Mason. I’m Vice President of Mason’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design.

[Dave Mason laughing at event]

[6 mins]

Dave Mason: Ok, so the most memorable thing from the whole event, in fact, was pretty humorous, was when Chef Levine was cooking – was making a salad and he wanted to test the salad dressing. I was a convenient target, so he basically just shoved a piece of lettuce in my mouth and asked me how it tasted, and I – and of course it tasted great, but I would not tell him anything otherwise.

[Cheering at event]

LUWA Representative: I want to thank Debby Steiner and Luxe Magazine because she came to us with a concept two years ago and started developing this idea of the Battle of the Chefs idea. I knew it would be good when she came to us; I have no idea how amazing the event would turn out. [7 mins] It was incredible. It was fabulously well-attended and the individuals that were involved in the event were absolutely top-tier. She did a phenomenal job and I just want to say “Thank you, Debby.”

LUWA would like to thank our sponsor, Caesarstone.

LUWA would like to thank our sponsor, Miele Appliances.

[7:42 mins]

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