I heart alkyd paint for 22 years

April 25, 2012




Yes I said it: I love alkyd paint. Alkyd paints are the best.

We use alkyd paints on interior cabinets.
We use alkyd paints on exteriors.

There are no true water based acrylic equals in performance: any body who tells you differently has a vested interested in selling you something or does not know how to apply the material properly, or is misinformed. Understand although traditional; I am not an old grouch stuck in his ways; infact I am a self learner and early adopter. What you experience is more important than what you read. I painted exterior trim with ALKYD PAINT on homes in Wallingford in 1990; those homes (trim) are yet to be re-painted. In the years since I have witnessed high build, low build, ceramic, blah, blah new technologies come and go. Sort of like bars and night clubs come and go. I have been drinking scotch with my friends at FX McRory’s and using Alkyd paints for 22 years. I write some about emulsified coatings here..I twice requested and was granted visits to Benjamin Moore manufacturing facilities (1997 Seattle Paint Supply- LA) & (2012 Mallory Paint- World HQ) for the sole purpose of talking directly to the scientist/chemist who cook oil and water together to make the paint I use.

This is Susan Marinello’s cloud white in Satin Impervo 75 gallons of Satin Impervo | Bellevue Interior Painting

FYI the video below sound track is off; I do not hire out video. I do these amateur clips during free time; forgive.




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