How do you I find a good painter?

August 4, 2012

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The title is misleading; this post is about how do I find a good painter to join or lead a team of painters, decorative finishers, and carpenters for Shearer.

I require a background check and the ability to follow directions. The background check is easy; it is paper work and $40 which I pay. Background checks are important for employers and landlords. I am very upfront about the background check, but surprisingly I still get applicants through the process and get red flags such as jail time for drugs, violence, or theft. Occasionally someone will object on philosophical/privacy grounds not to complete a background check. Here is my statement to those prospective applicants:

“Over half of our projects are executed on occupied homes and business. Our customers are concerned about who works on their property often in proximity to their children. I make it my business to understand and address my customers concerns. You should apply elsewhere, most painting contractors do not back ground check. Plus I have other rigid policies (such as no smoking, radios, and much more) that may not suit you. Good Luck, John Shearer”

The “ability to follow directions” is the elusive skill I am trying to quickly asses. It is worthless asking an applicant if they follow directions; its like asking someone if they wanted a million dollars cash no strings attached; everybody believes they follow directions (ironically applicants who indicate during an interview that they need to work on following directions are usually in the upper 20% of that skill). As an organization we test and evaluate the ability to follow directions at every stage of the application process and during their employment..Following directions is more important than showing up ontime..see our peer to peer company evaluation form..painter_Evaluation_form

The first follow directions test appears in any ad we create for applicants. We will request that resumes are not emailed but can be attached on our web painter application form. We even ask that following directions is important to us. This small request along with six other simple request eliminates over half the applicants for painters. Our requirements for job leads and project managers are much more stringent. Great projects such as Traditional Home Magazine Interior or Historic Home Painting requires in part team members following directions.

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