Challenges to face on a custom wood stain project

July 21, 2011

Staining interior wood paneling and trim | Challenges for an interior painting professional

When an owner or design professionals requires a sample finish to be duplicated on an entire project, often our process includes many rounds of samples. Unlike paint, which is an opaque finish, stains are transparent and translucent; the goal is to showcase the wood, which is often an expensive exotic species such as teak, cherry, walnutmahogany, or oak. Our past customers are looking for a stain finish with depth and balance, and this usually requires multiple stains, such as aniline dye and oil stains, applied by a combination of brushing and wiping. The stain work is protected by a clear coat, which can be water-bourne, oil, lacquer, or conversion varnish. A floating color can also be added to the clear coat to match color or create additional depth.

This process becomes a challenge when different species of wood and different aged wood are combined on one project. It is not uncommon to work on samples for weeks; it is not insurmountable, but it is a challenge.

We are a small shop. We prefer to only work on one custom stain at a time, and we usually book out 3 months or more.

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