How Long should painted cabinets last?

Justin: So, we’re often asked how long a kitchen cabinet paint job will last, and more specifically, how long our kitchen cabinet paint jobs will last. Our kitchen cabinet paint jobs last 10+ years. Much is dependent on the surface that is being painted, if you’re talking about surfaces underneath the sink, or near high areas such as surfaces near your silverware drawer may need to be touched-up over time, and we do that on a regular basis with a lot of our customers.

Omar: Usually I’m asked questions in regards to colors. That’s not my area of expertise. But usually, right now the trend is to paint everything white, usually – that adds space to maybe a closed-off kitchen or a smaller-sized kitchen. That seems to be the trend now – however, we’ve done many colors with different-colored islands and different-colored surrounds, so we’re pretty experienced on staining kitchen cabinets, painted kitchen cabinets, conversion varnish for kitchen cabinets, and all types of finishes.

Justin: Also, people trying to even recreate wood colors by painting – we have done that before. But I think, as Omar said, one of the more popular things right now is to paint an island in a separate color. Realtors and designers really seem to think that works for a lot of homes.