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November 16, 2010

Our former customer, Allen Shoup, was recently featured in a Seattle Times video. Allen is giving a tour of the wine cellar he designed for his own Seattle Home. Shearer Painting painted Allen and his wife Kathleen’s Seattle home in 2001.

Allen Shoup spent 20 years as CEO of Stimson Lane, starting at a time when wine production was in its infancy in the Northwest. He became a champion of the Pacific wine industry and sought mentors who could advise him on his road to put Washington State on the map as a contender of world-class premium wine.

From the Long Shadows website: After twenty years at the helm of the Stimson Lane wine group (Chateau Ste. Michelle, Columbia Crest and other wineries), Allen Shoup retired to pursue a personal dream. For years he had envisioned a joint venture with highly acclaimed winemakers from different regions of the world. His goal was to bring their expertise to Washington to create some of the most special wines ever crafted from the region’s top vineyards; wines that would stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s best.

Encouraged by his associates, including long time friend and mentor, Robert G. Mondavi, Allen invited several of the world’s most talented and celebrated vintners to the sunny slopes of the Columbia Valley.  Peering over steep cliffs into the valley where the Snake and Yakima Rivers flow into the mighty Columbia, each vintner embraced Allen’s dream and agreed to lend their talents to create this tribute to the worldwide celebration of wine.

With their enthusiastic support and advice, Allen drew up plans to establish individual wineries that would reflect the reputation of each winemaker. He named the venture Long Shadows Vintners in tribute to this select group of individuals who have shaped the industry with their benchmark wines and wineries.

His vision is now unfolding. Long Shadows winemaker-partners are designing world-class wines comparable in stature to those they crafted in their native wine regions. They are touring the land, running the soil through their fingers, surveying with practiced eye the leafy trellises that spill down the hillsides of the Columbia Valley.

long shadows vinter

long shadows winery

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