Snow White paint color fine paints of Europe

This space is kind of a loft space in Mount Baker, in Seattle, in the Mount Baker neighborhood. Cool old building, probably a hundred year old building. [inaudible] Again we’re in a condo that actually gets a fair amount of light, which is pretty, pretty sweet. So this is a custom cabinet pack for this kitchen. And then there’s also some stuff in the bathroom, as well as a little desk and some shelves that we’re doing. We’ll be coming in here soon and shooting all this stuff in Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Satin. Gonna be a full prep, prime, and paint. It’ll be a sprayed finish, no brushout. Again the full kitchen here. Over here is the office space. This is a built-in – custom built-in desk. Two kinda bigger shelving units that’ll have recessed lighting in the back that’ll go up in this area. We will  pre-paint these and they’ll install em later. And then back around the corner is the master bath.

But they’re going to have two silestone vanities here, and this built-in cabinet unit is what we’re doing. These are the two doors for these cabinets that’ll fit in the two open spaces,  be a super kinda clean modern look, some shadow lines that are built to detail all the different elevations of everything. But it should be pretty cool, kind of a clean white.