Wood Rot Repair and Repainting in Laurelhurst Seattle

May 18, 2013


May 2103 By John Shearer

Last September this Seattle Laurelhurst Local home inspector called for a painting estimate. The Home is a 1939 built single family brick residence with wood trim. Shearer was hired to repair and complete the painting started by another painting contractor. Together with the owner the decision was made to wait until the following spring to complete the work. The scope included an upgrade of one exterior door; during the winter the  new custom door was delivered to Shearer Painting to be shop finished. The owner asked that the new door be finished with the highest quality paint for durability. The door was primed and painted with Fine Paints of Europe ECO and delivered for installation. The windows are painted by other contractors on this home.

When Shearer painters began exterior paint prep work on the home the workmen discovered rotten wood had been inadequately filled with interior patching compound on four wood fascia board joints. Shearer uses the system 3 wood epoxy filler.

Wood rot repair with epoxy



The video below is an example of this wood repair system used on windows on a residence near Children s Hospital in LaurelHurst.


The Video Below is a typical repair project on a capitol hill house repaint


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