Pressure-wash with Benjamin Moore cleaner

June 18, 2012

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Pressure washing with Benjamin Moore N318 Cleaner
Seattle Pressure Washing Seattle Pressure Washing. We remove dirt, grime, moss, and mildew from your home and walkways.

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Pressure washing with Benjamin Moore N318 Cleaner from John Q. Shearer on Vimeo.

Benjamin Moore’s CLEAN multi-purpose cleaner is perfect for maintenance cleaning. It removes mold, water and mildew stains with its concentrated formula and is safe to use on exterior wood siding, decking, shakes, and furniture. In fact, you can even use CLEAN on vinyl, stucco, concrete, fiberglass, pavers, and brick.

It is best not to apply CLEAN when the air and surface temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius, or 50 degrees Farenheit.


To begin, note that your project’s surface can be dry or damp. You should protect nearby surfaces that you do not want cleaned. Be sure that your plants are already wet and/or cover them for protection against the cleaning agent. Remove/cover nearby lawn furniture, lawn ornaments, and metal objects like aluminum doors, fixtures, and window frames, which can become easily tarnished. You should test the product’s performance prior to use in an area that’s not easily seen.

When you begin applying CLEAN, know that the multi-purpose cleaner is a concentrate. The container makes up to 30.28 Litres of product. Mix 2 litres of CLEAN with 13 litres of water. For tough-to-clean areas, mix 2 litres of CLEAN with 10 litres of water. When you’re using power washing chemical injector, place the intake tube directly into your container. Do not mix the cleaner in metal containers, with other cleaners, or chemicals. Apply the diluted solution to the surface with a plastic garden hose, brush, or through power washer chemical injector. Let the solution sit for several minutes. Scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush in the direction of the wood grain and then rinse with the nozzled garden hose or the power washer. Let the surface completely dry; note that when applying to vertical surfaces, go from the bottom to the top. Be sure that the wood surface is completely dry before applying a new finish coat. If you’re restoring heavily greyed wood surfaces, Restore (K316) is a good product to use.


Clean your equipment with warm, soapy water. For disposal, use completely or dispose of in the correct fashion.

One last added bonus to CLEAN is that it’s also very low in VOC’s and VOC compliant in all regulated areas.

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