Old House Repaint Mt.Baker Seattle 1913 Home

August 18, 2012

soffit painting


This is a 1913, single-family residence; about 3500 sq. ft. in the Mt. Baker neighborhood in Seattle. Mt. Baker is one of the traditional, older neighborhoods in Seattle, where, over the years, we’ve been asked to paint many older homes. This particular home, the customers were referred to us by other customers; we had painted their older homes in Capitol Hill.

If we look at the first image, it shows multiple layers of paint that have accumulated over the past 80 years. The bubbling is complete failure of the top two layers of coating. When the homeowners called on us, they wanted a permanent solution so that this wouldn’t continue to happen on their home.
In the second image, it shows us restoring the front porch area all the way to bare wood. The front porch has a panoramic view of Lake Washington, and the decision to take all the paint off and make the front porch area look very, very nice was an obvious decision. We don’t use paint shavers or grinders where the old wood is almost irreplaceable.

In the third image, we see the same porch area from a different view, on the right side, where you see all the clapboard siding in white primer – that’s where we had to reduce everything to bare wood. We use an all long-oil primer, and allowed it to fully cure. In this case, it was about 5 days. For the soffit, the larger gaps and holes have been filled, so when we put our final coat, the soffit will be a nice, consistent coating.

Near the stairs, and around all water entry points and trim, we look to find openings and replace the gaps with caulk or two-part urethanes. The very last two pictures are the same day/same image date that the image from the top has been taken; it shows a lot of the soffit areas being primed. That, of course, is filling the gaps. The picture right next to it is an image from the completed painting project. The paints used were C2 and all the colors were from the C2 fan deck with slight modifications.

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