Paint Color Tip : Go darker for exterior

February 10, 2012

Video transcription: House Painting Color Advice | C2 Paint | Darker than you think for ext John: Robin, if a homeowner wants to pick colors for the exterior of their house, what do you recommend that they do? Robin: Well, there’s a couple tips you might want to keep in mind, and one of them is to go maybe a shade or two darker than you think you want, because a house is reflecting out into the atmosphere and so it loses intensity. If you’re doing an interior, the walls are reflecting on themselves, and they get deeper. So, when you’re doing an exterior, it’s best to choose a color that’s slightly deeper. And I’ll show you a popular one. Here’s a couple that I really am having a lot of fun with these days. This one’s called, “Wildwood.” And if I took you outside and showed it to you outside, it would feel stoney gray, kind of soft, but warm, not an icy-cold gray. And it kind of goes charcoal and it kind of goes stoney, and it’s just really a beautiful color.


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