Can you fill Wood grain on painted cabinets?

Justin: So, I’m Justin Day.

Omar: My name is Omar Rodriguez.

Justin: At a job we recently completed, for a customer…she was looking to remove the grain from her oak cabinets. And so, we go through a process where we use Bondo and grain fillers to smooth out the surfaces as much as possible.

Omar: We do this a number of times per year. This was a project that was orchestrated by Justin and the customer in January, and we also finished in January. So, the customer’s having other remodel work done, and this is something that’s part of it, so, we are completed as of now, and the customer’s very happy with it.

In the past, people have always weighed the options of replacing cabinetry and painting cabinetry, and sometimes they’re not educated enough on the impact of painting makes…it changes the overall feel of your kitchen. And I think, of the kitchen cabinet packages we’ve done in the past, I think customers have been very impressed in regards to the way that their kitchen feels after it’s been painted. It’s a facelift that, I think, is really, you know, more affordable than replacing cabinetry.

Justin: I think the other thing that a lot of people don’t take into account is the amount of prep work needed to make sure that a cabinet package lasts a long time.

Omar: We want to make sure that you get a return for your investment. And I think that we’ve done a good job of giving that to customers that we’ve painted kitchen cabinets for. They’ve been really impressed with the outcome.

When we’re training our guys to work on kitchen cabinets, we want to make sure to let them know to be very detailed – looking for minor gaps, make sure that the grain is filled as much as possible…the different types of cabinets there are makes it so that there are different details to look at in a single piece, so not one cabinet project that we have is the same as another one. So the awareness and attention to detail is something we focus on during the prep stages.