Cellular PVC exterior trim is a reformulation of old PVC. It is filled with tiny air bubbles that make the cellular PVC lighter and gives the surface a smooth wood-like appearance. The trim is manufactured in many different colors, but painting the trim is fast and easy to do. It does not need to be primed, and you only need one coat. Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You'll Need: Cellular PVC exterior trim Soft rags or a sponge Warm, soapy water 100 percent acrylic exterior paint Paint brush or trim roller Get what you need for every project at HomeDepot.com 1 Choose a color to paint the cellular PVC exterior trim. You need to use 100 percent acrylic exterior paint. 2 Clean all surfaces of the cellular PVC exterior trim before you begin painting. The paint adheres better if it's applied to a clean dry surface. 3 Use a paint brush or roller to apply one coat of the acrylic exterior paint to the cellular PVC exterior trim. You don't need to prime the trim because the cellular PVC is not porous. The trim also does not need to be sealed to stop it from absorbing too much paint. 4 Allow the paint to dry and enjoy the new color of your cellular PVC exterior trim.

Cellular PVC