Why are C2 colors difficult to match to other paint brands?

House Painting Colors Press Release February 13, 2011 -- Spring is right around the corner, and that means that home owners are thinking about giving new life to their residences with new paint jobs. The hardest part of the painting process isn't choosing your contractor, - it's choosing your paint colors.

To achieve the color density you want home owners will need to go with a darker version of the color they originaly select for their house painting project. Shearer Painting in Seattle, WA has teamed up with Robin Daly of Daly's paint store to create a video about selecting a darker color. Robin, our color expert from Daly's paint store, discusses how a home reflects out into the atmosphere, so that going darker than you think you should is a good idea. As a house reflects, it loses intensity, because the light is just going out into space. For interiors, the walls are reflecting each other, so their colors look "deeper," and you can get away with a lighter color - not so with exterior painting.

Daly's Paint is an independant C2 paint dealer. C2 is a high-quality, LoVo, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly paint that employs the 16-colorant European system (as opposed to the 12-colorant North American system; C2 paint is the first paint to do this). According to the C2, its colorants are "made of finely ground artist-grade pigments that create an unmatchable luminosity and depth."

This depth causes color to go on better/thicker, creating maximum coverage for your walls. C2 has also created the "ultimate paint chip - an 18" x 24" poster-sized sample coated with actual C2 eggshell paint instead of printer's ink or lacquer." What more could you want in a paint? Robin describes one of C2's most popular paint colors, called, "Wildwood." She describes it as being a soft, warm, and yet, "stoney" gray when viewed outdoors. Inside, it's more of a charcoal gray, and one that Robin describes as "beautiful." With the same management team since 1999, over 20 years of painting experience, free estimates, and use of high-quality paints like C2, Shearer Painting can help in your decision-making process of repainting your home.